What Every Girl Should Know

“They say God loves everyone, but how can He love me?”

“Is inner beauty really more important than outward beauty?”

“What does God think about relationships with boys?”

Young women are asking questions like these all across the world. Sadly the answers are harder to find than ever before, as the negative messages in today’s society leave no room for Godly principles. Just what exactly should every girl know? Author Myklin Vinson takes preteen and teenage girls through an enjoyable and personal journey to discover what the Bible says about what every girl should know. This 150-page Christian Finishing Course for young ladies openly discusses practical and spiritual issues in a way girls can easily understand and apply to their lives.

In this course, Myklin covers issues such as:

- Developing a personal relationship with Jesus - Learning to use one’s talents and spiritual gifts - The importance of proper health

- God’s perspective on beauty

- Developing social graces

- Having Christian role models & friendships

- The basics of home economics

- Relationships with boys

Written in a fun and engaging style, Myklin endeavors to turn the hearts of the young women reading this course back to principles such as virtue, character, and faith in God. This resource is appropriate for a wide range of age levels, so it makes an excellent teaching aid.  Encouraging Titus 2 relationships betweenmothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters, Godly mentors and young girls, Myklin makes it simple to discuss important issues in a special and memorable way!

This course can easily be utilized in many different settings, such as:

- Group Bible studies- Charm/Finishing Course type classes- A preteen or teen girls personal devotion time

– Homeschool Class Curriculum/Unit Study

– Weekend workshops or retreat material

– One-on-one mentoring/discipleship times

– and much more!

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